Aktiebolaget Liddan IT


Aktiebolaget Liddan IT is a company that develop mobile apps for Apples iOS platform with a big focus on classic board games.

Together with my good friend and collegue Mattias Simonsson I have created the concept World Board Games. World Board Games is a serie of old classical games brought to a new platform that opens up for new possibilities and online gaming via the players smartphone and/or tablet.

Our most popular release in this serie of games is Yatzy World. Yatzy World is an online version of the classical game Yatzy which uses a multi-tier platform to allow people all over the world to play against each other.

My responsibilities in the World Board Games project includes app-development in Objective C, server administration (Linux), front-end programming/administration (PHP), back-end database programming/administration (MySQL) and managing relations with our partners.

Take a look at www.worldboardgames.com for more information about our releases.


Company Details

Aktiebolaget Liddan IT
c/o Daniel Lidström
Bäckvägen 61
SE-818 92 VALBO


Reg No: 55 69 81 - 8254
VAT No: SE556981825401

The company is registered for Swedish corporate tax (F-skatt)